Week 4 - Shenanigans with Room 3...

In Room 2, we are soooo lucky to be right next to Room 3. Especially on Wednesdays. After lunch eating, we practice learning our family song together. What lovely singing! We have been working hard on learning all the Casey the Caterpillar letters. To reward us, Mrs Fernandes gave us some playdough to practice forming our letters and writing our names. Look how creative we have all been!

Week 3 - Our distance learning journey!

What an interesting two weeks we have had! We went back to distance learning for a whole 3 days. And let me tell you, our learning did not stop. This year, we are doing thing a little differently at New Windsor School. We are planning conceptually around communities and how they are shaped by whakapapa, relationships and environments . Throughout the year, we will be looking more in-depth at our school's competencies (Confident, Creative, Collaborative, Respectful, Responsible and Resilient) and how impactful they are within a community. For example, our community foci for this term are families  and New Windsor School . In the classroom, we have been looking at what resilience looks like at New Windsor School for example.   Lockdown has provided us with the perfect opportunity to look at what each of our school competences would look like within our whānau. We have been learning about our families, and here are some examples of what the students in Room 2 have come up with: 

Casey the Caterpillar - Letter formation

We use the story Casey the Caterpillar to teach the language and shapes around letter formation.  Here is an example of how the letter c is called and "open mouth", and how we build on this shape to teach other letter shapes (a, d, e, etc.): Below are Casey The Caterpillar posters, to help you use the same language at home:

Week 2 - Chinese New Year

This week, we have been learning about Chinese New Year .  For Chinese New Year (on Friday), our lovely buddies from Room 6 baked some fortune cookies (well chocolate chip cookies!) to share amongst the year two classes. We've had so much fun spending the afternoon with Room 1 and Room 6. 😍 Thank you so much Room 6 (and thank you Mrs Dobbie too! πŸ’š

2021, here we go!

What a fantastic start to the year we have had in room 2! All the children were happy and excited to be back, and we have all made a lot of new friends. I am really looking forward to seeing what 2021 will bring our way... πŸ˜€